The Grip. His job is to keep the cameraman from tripping over his cables. A vital roll in film that often goes unnoticed. No one reads the credits to find out who the grip is. But, just because it's a roll that doesn't get a lot of attention, doesn't mean it's not an important one. My Middle Child didn't relish the task during our vacation Bible school last week, because he didn't think he was very good at it. He said at the end of one night he had a big jumble of cables to untangle. But he stuck with it anyway and did his best to improve his cable winding skills. Do you ever feel like the grip? Like your whole job is keeping someone else from tripping and nobody even notices? We often want to play a staring roll in life or ministry. We ask God to cast us in the lead, instead he hands us a coil of cable and says, "Here, you're the grip." God expects us to be faithful with the tasks He gives us no matter what hey are. He expects us to do all for His Glory. If you're the grip be the bast grip you can be. Whether it means running down a football field laying down and picking up cable as you go, standing and waiting for instructions, or untangling a jumble of cable at the end of the day, do it all for God's glory. #asuntothelord #doalltothegloryofgod #faithfulwiththelittle #shinethelightofjesus #lightinthedarkness #faithfulinallthings #preppedprincess

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