October 2015


Me versus the pumkins

October 30, 2015
One taste and my heart sunk. The texture was off, and it tasted like somebody had left apple juice out on the way too long. I was so disappointed with it I wanted to chuck the whole thing in the trash, slow cooker and all. I walked away and left it sitting on the kitchen counter planning never to have anything to do with it again.
Christian Living

Jesus Loves The Little Children: When Prayer Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

October 13, 2015
As I made a note to myself to pray for two families in need, it didn't feel like enough. I felt like I should do more, like I should do something. And praying didn't feel like doing anything. In that moment saying a prayer felt like a cop-out.
Christian Living Spiritual Warfare

Whose Armor Are You Wearing?

October 6, 2015
My own armor does nothing for me except make provision for my flesh. We can't be affective soldiers if we are wearing faulty armor. The armor we wear must be the best. It must be God's armor. He provides for us everything we need. But we have to be willing to give up our own armor first.