December 2015

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I Am Not Enough 

December 3, 2015
When we as Christians claim to be enough on our own, we rob God of His glory. We are in danger of making ourselves into idols.
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Learning to love my crazy

December 2, 2015
I used to think I was crazy. Not walked into a room and forgot what you came for crazy. Not “Where are my keys? Oh, they’re in my hand,” crazy. I mean certifiably insane. Like belongs-in-an-institution insane.

The Man Called Jesus

December 1, 2015
The unbelieving world doesn't know why we celebrate. They don't understand the significance of Christ's birth. To them, Christmas is just another reason to throw a party. Maybe instead of insisting that the world celebrate the birth of someone they don't know, we should introduce them to the Man called Jesus. Instead of criticizing them for saying happy holidays, why don't we simply show them who Christ is.