April 2016

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God is always by your side, but He’s not always on your side.

April 28, 2016
If we want God to fight for us, we have to be on the same side as He is. But when we're behaving badly He can't be on our side. He's always on our side in the larger sense, in that He wants what's best for us, but when we are wrong that means He can't take our side.
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Fighting the fear monster

April 20, 2016
The devil loves fear. He loves fear because it paralyses us. This formless, shapeless monster pushes its way into our lives, and stops us in our tracks. But we don't have to let it. It doesn't have to be that way.
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To the wife wishing for romance: 5 ways to find that spark again

April 12, 2016
A common complaint I hear from wives, is that their husbands aren't romantic enough. They feel date nights are too boring and routine, or there's no date night at all. Maybe he doesn't flirt with her the way he used to, or he doesn't hold her hand anyone.
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Marriage is tricky. I can’t write about that.

April 8, 2016
I had an idea for a post on marriage. But I hesitated. I've never written anything about marriage. It kind of scares me.
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Is there one sin that’s worse than every other sin?

April 7, 2016
Until the other day I had never seriously considered that question. All sin separates us from God. In that sense, it doesn't matter what that sin is, we're still cut off from enjoying a relationship with Him while we are living in our sin. But is there one sin that God finds particularly annoying?