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Why we should have Thanksgiving for Christmas

November 29, 2016
The celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday is just beginning. We need to continue the spirit of thanksgiving all the way through the holiday season. And really year round.
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8 Scriptures for when you feel alone

March 29, 2016
Sometimes even our closest friends can hurt us. Sometimes we hurt them. In any human interaction there is the possibility, even the probability, that we will be hurt and left feeling alone.
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Confessions Of A Recovering Politics Junky

March 14, 2016

Once upon a time I was really into politics. The radio or television was on some news channel pretty much the whole day, and I would spend large amounts…

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Learning to love my crazy

December 2, 2015
I used to think I was crazy. Not walked into a room and forgot what you came for crazy. Not “Where are my keys? Oh, they’re in my hand,” crazy. I mean certifiably insane. Like belongs-in-an-institution insane.
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Course Correction

August 10, 2015
We may not understand the path, or be able to see the road He leads us on, but God will never steer us off course.