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Did I really just ask to go back to Egypt?

April 2, 2016
Yeah, I think I did. I just asked to go back to Egypt. I didn't use those exact words of course, but close enough.
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When You Feel Like You Can’t Run Anymore

February 9, 2016
I hate running. I hate it with a passion. It's not just because I'm getting old and fat either. I've always hated it. I will walk all day if I have to; I enjoy walking, but please oh please don't make me run.
Christian Living

Jesus Loves The Little Children: When Prayer Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

October 13, 2015
As I made a note to myself to pray for two families in need, it didn't feel like enough. I felt like I should do more, like I should do something. And praying didn't feel like doing anything. In that moment saying a prayer felt like a cop-out.
Christian Living

Hope For The Battle Weary

August 4, 2015
We all go through times in our lives when the work seems unending. When we pulled on from every direction. There will be times in our lives when we feel like we have given so much of ourselves away that there is nothing left to give.
Spiritual Warfare

What’s distracting you from your purpose?

June 27, 2015
As women of God and Daughters of the King, we need to have our priorities in order. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in our appearance, running a business, or having our kids in some kind of activity, but these things need be put in their proper place. We can’t let them become our sole focus.