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Christian Living Christmas Thankfulness

A Gratitude Filled Christmas

November 30, 2016
The birth of The Messiah was the most extravagant gift ever given. We can never match it's greatness, but we can express our gratitude and magnify The Lord.
Christian Living Christmas Thankfulness

Why we should have Thanksgiving for Christmas

November 29, 2016
The celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday is just beginning. We need to continue the spirit of thanksgiving all the way through the holiday season. And really year round.
Christian Living Thankfulness

Giving Thanks In Dificult Seasons

November 24, 2015
As Christians, though, we're not only supposed to be thankful when things are going our way. It's not just the good things that God calls us to be thankful for. We're to be thankful for everything.

Me versus the pumkins

October 30, 2015
One taste and my heart sunk. The texture was off, and it tasted like somebody had left apple juice out on the way too long. I was so disappointed with it I wanted to chuck the whole thing in the trash, slow cooker and all. I walked away and left it sitting on the kitchen counter planning never to have anything to do with it again.
Current Affairs Finding Peace Hope

Monuments, Landmarks, And Bridges: A Pause To Reflect

August 29, 2015
Can I just talk to you for a while? Will you allow me to paint pictures in your mind before they fade out of mine? Can I share with you the thoughts swirling in my head that I don't quite know how to put into words?