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God is always by your side, but He’s not always on your side.

April 28, 2016
If we want God to fight for us, we have to be on the same side as He is. But when we're behaving badly He can't be on our side. He's always on our side in the larger sense, in that He wants what's best for us, but when we are wrong that means He can't take our side.
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How I Sleep In On Christmas Morning: with a free printable

November 27, 2015
Notice the title of the post did NOT say, "How I got my kids to sleep in on Christmas morning. It also did NOT say, "How I sleep till noon on Christmas morning." But, I did manage to get a few extra winks compared to other Christmas mornings.
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When Children Are Broken

July 7, 2015
I know I'm not alone in catching my mind wandering when one of my children is trying to tell me a joke they heard at church. Or being too busy to play a game with another.