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Hi, I'm Marian, a daughter of the King of kings. I'm also a mom of 5, a writer, and a lover of Jesus, coffee, and sci-fi. Sometimes I get a little crafty. Read more about me and what what I do on my about page. .


Spiritual Warfare

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Christian Living Spiritual Warfare

The Call Of The Stranger

June 26, 2015

The daughters of the King have been given many beautiful things. He has promised to meet all of their needs and to never forsake them. They drink living water, and eat the bread of life. They have Light to guide them on their journeys and the best armor to protect them from harm. There is no better care anywhere than in their Father’s house.

But sometimes, they become dissatisfied with the gifts their Father gives them, and they begin to look for something new. A stranger catches their eyes, and they turn to see what he has to give.

The stranger tells them that their Father’s bread is stale, and His waters muddy. He tells them that the armor they wear is heavy and burdensome. He offers to dress them in rich clothing and jewelry. And he promises them a life of ease and pleasure.

Intoxicated by his beautiful lies, and pretty things, they follow after him with visions of being just as lovely as they perceive him to be. But, they don’t see the chains that bind the stranger to the enemy that their Father has so carefully warned them of. And, they don’t see the wounds caused by the chains. They forget that the path the enemy leads him on leads only to destruction and darkness.

The King would rescue the stranger and all strangers. He has salve for the strangers’ wounds. He would turn their path from darkness to light, and make them princes and princesses, if only His sons and daughters would lead them to Him.

But, they don’t hear His voice calling them home, and bidding them bring the strangers with them. They only hear voice of the serpent as he whispers in their ears the original lie, “Ye shall not surely die.”