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Hi, I'm Marian, a daughter of the King of kings. I'm also a mom of 5, a writer, and a lover of Jesus, coffee, and sci-fi. Sometimes I get a little crafty. Read more about me and what what I do on my about page. .


Spiritual Warfare

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The why behind this blog

July 20, 2018

I haven’t posted anything here in quite a while, and as I was considering whether or not to get back into blogging, I did a lot of thinking and praying about what I want this space to be and, more importantly, what God wants this space to be.

Several years ago I read something calling Christian women princesses. At first I scoffed. “I’m no princess,” I thought. Fancy clothes, manicured nails, and accessorizing aren’t my thing.

I have more in common with Princess Fiona from Shrek than most fairy tale princesses. You know, a troll.

I try to be feminine, I really do, but mostly I feel like my attempts just end up up being awkward and weird.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there is value in feminine loveliness, which is why I try. I just don’t think I succeed very well. But that’s ok. It takes all kinds, and God loves and can use us for His glory no matter how fancy our clothes are or, how little or much make-up we wear.

There was more to my aversion to being called a princess than just my perception of myself though.

Our modern culture has tainted our view of princesses. We think of them as helpless do-nothings, who sit around and wait to be rescued. I have to admit that I had fallen prey to this kind of thinking. I didn’t want to be called a princess, because I didn’t want to be thought of as useless and helpless.

But that’s not how God sees His princesses.

The Bible is full of descriptions of Warrior Women who stood strong in the face of all kinds of troubles. From Ruth to Mary, the women of God have many examples of how God uses feminine strength, for His Kingdom and His glory.

So, what does the King of kings actually expect of His daughters?

While the Biblical roles of women may be different than the roles men have in the home and the church, there are some things that both man and women are called to do.

The Bible commands Christians to be strong in the Lord, and that command is not given just to men. The armor of God is not fitted only for men. We are all called to fight the good fight of faith. We are all given armor and a sword. And we are meant to use them.

Our lives are full of battles and struggles, even though we don’t always recognize them. But God has grace and strength to help us through every trial.

I am as convinced now as I ever was that the Daughters of the King need to rise up, put on the armor of God, avail themselves of His strength, and stand to fight the good fight of faith.

You can read more about me and why I do what I do here.




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